Angelika Schuster

Thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

My name is Angelika Schuster. I am German, have lived in New Zealand for nearly 30 years. I grew up in a family and culture (Siebenbuerger Germans) where dancing was a big part of their social life and enjoyment.

Both my parents danced ball room type of dances really well right into their ‘old age’. And, as a child I learnt how to dance from them. I didn’t learn the Tango, of course. However, I learnt to dance to music rhythmically.

I started to learn Tango about 12 years ago. Since then, I made a commitment to this dance as it has continued to stimulate my interest in learning and refining a skill, and to ‘express myself’ in this way.

As everything in life, Tango also starts with the first step.

As I follower, I have been dancing the Tango for over than 10 years.

And, as a leader, I have been dancing Tango for about 10 years.

Big classes are not for everyone.I, therefore, offer individual lessons, tailored to your level of skills.

I teach the traditional Argentine Tango style which is danced in the ‘close’ embrace.

Dancing Tango has added quality to my life and has given me a balance to my work as a Psychotherapist.

For me, the essence of Tango lies in the ‘embrace’, applying mindfulness and awareness in the connection between two people.

As a gentle dance, and as such it is a dance where you can enjoy music and dance right into ‘old age’.

Angelika SchusterFor those who contemplate to learn the Tango and for the beginners:

Once you have learned the Tango walk which is no different to the normal walk and the Tango embrace, you can dance Tango.

There is no need for fancy moves in order to dance Tango. The Tango walk and a few simple moves can already give you a sense of satisfaction.

The leader LEADS and the follower FOLLOWS. This is a basic principal in Tango at the beginner’s level. And this will/can change at the advanced level.

I also will assist you with keeping the ‘passion’ for Tango going when it perhaps seems to becomes hard to do so.

I teach the basics of Tango and basic moves.

For the next level(s) up:

Tango is an ongoing process of refining a skill which includes body awareness of your own physicality (in the dance) and being mindful of what is occurring in the connection to your dance partner. This applies to both, the follower and the leader.

What is the focus in my private lessons?
The focus in my lessons will be on
1. the quality of your presence in the dance
2. the connection and the embrace
3. body awareness and embrace
4. developing a better awareness of your own and your dance partner’s energy and
5. learning about the energy of the ‘walk’ and how to ‘take charge’ (for the leader)

What do I bring to a Tango lesson:

I bring:
1. the ability to lead and the ability to follow. I, therefore, can teach both parts and give feedback to my students from both roles/perspectives.
2. my experience as a Tai Chi practitioner which includes body awareness, body alignment and sensitivity
3. my experience as a Psychotherapist. I draw on this in particular when I teach couples, and only when it is requested by the couple. This can include an awareness of the connection on an emotional level.
4. my passion for the dance and to bring beauty and connectedness to the world.

To me, Tango is a way of expressing respect and care. It is a gentle dance and can be danced into the old age as it is gentle dance.

Who can benefit from my private lessons:

My private lessons are suitable for all levels, couples, for leaders who would like to get a better understanding of the follower’s role or would like to learn to follow; for followers who would like to learn how to lead. It is always beneficial to your own dance to understand the opposite part.

In fact, my lessons are suitable for both, followers or leaders who would like to bring more style, sensitivity, self-expression to the dance and who would like to refine their sensitivity.

Where are the classes held?/ What is my fee:

At this stage, I provide the lessons from my home/business which is located at Narrow Neck, North Shore, Auckland.

My fees will reflect this.

My availabilities:

I am available for lessons on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

For further inquiries please contact me on
M: 0211296372 or

If you can walk you can dance Tango.