In Memory of Etsuko

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On 6 February 2013 Etsuko had a special birthday. She wanted to celebrate her special day with her friends and family, dancing tango at Lemon. She asked us, no presents (only presence) necessary. This beautiful birthday vals was played at … Read More

Adios Deck Practica

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A big thank you to Alex, Sonny, and Kelly for running the Monday evening practicas at the Deck through summer. It’s been great! Last night (Monday 14 March) was the final one for this summer. From next Wednesday (23 March) these … Read More

Matthew Civil

Matthew Civil has been dancing tango since 1998 and had a passion for continued learning and teaching the understanding of tango. His goal is to foster tango dancing throughout New Zealand and to that end he has been touring New … Read More

Tango Etiquette

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These images have been sourced from a Facebook post by Jorge Daniel Dispari There is also a new Tango Etiquette page on the Auckland Tango website that links to quite a comprehensive article on the subject, and that has a … Read More

Milonga – Stage Show and Masterclass

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M¡longa is genius choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s(Babel) and tango superstar Nelida Rodriguez de Aure’s ecstatic take on Argentine tango. Let m¡longa cast its magic spell with searing duets that defy the laws of physics, flick-knife footwork and electrifying ensemble dance. … Read More

Tango Website Links

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A new system has been set up on the Auckland Tango website to display links to other tango websites around New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere including Argentina. The links will hopefully be useful in assisting visitors from outside Auckland and … Read More

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