Practica with The Argentine Tango Student Association

December 8, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
AUT City Campus, WC Building
55 Wellesley St E
Auckland, 1010
New Zealand
$5 drop-in
Natasha, Kelly & Sheldon
021 679 762 / 021 063 4678


Guided Practica

7pm ~ 9pm


One of our teachers will be on standby to answer any questions and keep a close eye on YOU!



 ~~~ Story of ATSA ~~~

Welcome to the Argentine Tango Student Association (ATSA)!

 I’m Fritz, currently a second-year student in Bachelor of Creative Technology. This ATSA club was founded by Sheldon, Kelly and me; the idea is to create an association/platform that allows students all over Auckland to learn, practice and share Tango!

Never thought I would ever dance in my life until half way through the last year in high school; when I accidentally walked into a Tango Practica (a session where people practice their tango). Two years later I thought Tango is one very interesting thing that happened to me so…I thought you might like it as well (?)



~~~ ATSA Presidents ~~~

Natasha Dikstaal (Current)

Fritz Tsai (2016 – 2017)


~~~ About the Resident Teachers ~~~

Sheldon Benito

Kelly Poon


~~~ Guest Teachers ~~~

Dante Sanchez

Federico Remualdi





~~~ Where is the Studio? ~~~

The AUT studio is located where it’s marked “Friday 19.00-21.00 AUT GYM WC building”


Follow the ‘Yellow’ strip on the map below off Wellesley Street (opposite Princes Street), you will come to an archway on your left; turn left after the archway, you will come to a glass sliding door in front of you to the University Gym; enter you will find the studio on you left.


~~ Parking ~~

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