Federico Remualdi

Federico will be available for private lessons in Auckland from 12 to 18 July before he heads back to Uruguay.

He will be giving his final NZ group lessons in Auckland on 14, 15 and 17 July. Details to follow.

Federico - Private lessons
My name is Federico Remualdi, I am from Uruguay and I am now in Auckland where I will be teaching Argentinian Tango for most of 2017.

At present I am travelling elsewhere throughout New Zealand, and expect to be back in Auckland later this year.

I’ve been a dancer, milonguero and performer for many years and have studied under the most renowned Tango teachers including Christian Marquez (“Los Totis”), Martin Carrara and Stefania Hill, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games,and Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte. A highlight of my performing was reaching the semi-finals in the Buenos Aries Tango Championships.

I have a huge passion for Tango, and want to share all I know with all my students and show simple ways to execute complex dance moves beautifully and elegantly.

The more we dance and the better we dance, the more enjoyable it will be.  “It takes two to Tango”.

You can contact me on +64 27 509 7529

Email:  federremu@gmail.com

Facebook: Federico Remualdi