Beginners class followed by guided practica

June 16, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Pacific/Auckland Timezone
Pasion por Tango
4 Poynton Terrace
Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
New Zealand

Hola, I’m Cecilia.

I am an Argentinian dancer and I have been teaching Tango since 2002.

Passionate about Tango in all its forms with great enthusiasm when teaching.

My teaching style is characterized by giving the foundations of traditional Argentine tango, with a relaxed approach.

Tango is a social dance; is entirely improvised, there are no sequences or choreographies for you to memorize. In my classes you will learn the tools and technique required to develop your dance, always emphasizing on the connection, embrace, musicality, and ‘caminata’ (walking).

No previous dance experience is needed. During class we change partners frequently, you don’t need a partner, just wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes with either leather or suede soles.

This class is open for complete beginners or anyone who wants to work deeper in the art of Tango.

Guided Practica is the place for you to come and practise in a completely friendly and supportive environment, with the additional benefit of expert coaching.

Although there is no general instruction, coaching is available for help and support each student in their own level of practice. You can practice solo movements or dance.

Whether you’re an experienced dancer, or a relative beginner, Guided Prácticas are ideal and the only place totally dedicated to working on our dance together.

There will be continuous but non intrusive music, without the formality of traditional tandas, so you can start, stop, dance, discuss what’s happening, and discover what works for you.

Anyone can ask someone for a dance. There is no expectation for you to complete a formal tanda.

You don’t need to attend to beginners class to participate, although this space of practice is created for students who wants to commit to a deep level of learning and practising. This is not a milonga.

Cost for non previous class attendees $10.

The cost for students participating in beginners class is $20 in total.

Have a look at my web for more info, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question.


Please be mindful if you are sick or feeling unwell stay home, also I do encourage students to wear a facemask, and hand sanitizer will be provided. A QR code will be displayed and also paper record for those who don’t have the app. 


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  1. Lou
    | Reply

    Hi Cecelia
    I live in Taupō, but always wanted to learn to Tango. Complete beginner. Do you know anywhere that’s more local to me where I can learn??

    • Cecilia Trini
      | Reply

      Hi Lou, unfortunately I don’t know anywhere in Taupo to learn Tango, sorry.

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