“Ground up Tango” Workshops with Matthew Civil

December 9, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm Pacific/Auckland Timezone
Pasion por Tango
4 Poynton Terrace
Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
New Zealand
Matthew Civil
027 48 TANGO

Update: Due to the New Zealand Tango Festival opening its registration coincidentally at 11 AM on Saturday we will slip the first days workshops later by one hour. So just on Saturday 9th we will start at 12 noon and go until 3:30 PM. End of update.

Dear Auckland Tango community, I am looking forward to presenting a comprehensive course on tango over the weekends of the 9th and 10th and the 16th and 17th of December.

It will be a series of 8 1.5 hour workshops between 11 AM and 2:40 PM with a half hour break each day at Pasion por Tango, 4 Poynton Tce, Auckland City. This timing allows for other tango events.

The name of the course is Ground up Tango. Tango from the ground up. Tango ground up into little simple pieces. Tango taking its energy up from the ground.

My intention is to make good on my promise to teach existing dancers in the Auckland community the simple principles that I have come to understand underlie the spectrums of styles that we experience. So, this course will suit people who already have a love for tango and very keen new tango dancers who have extensive experience of other dances. I particularly recommend this course to those who learnt to dance a while ago but feel that they may have plateaued.

The material will cover both close and open embrace and give hints towards extension to show tango and nuevo. My strong preference is for you to attend the whole course and for this I am charging just $120 for the 12 hours.

If you must drop in then I will allow it for a bribe of $25 per workshop but please don’t be disruptive as they will build on the knowledge of previous workshops.

I will have the assistance of Katerina Silver and Helen Guang.

To register you can PM me on messenger or sms or call me on my mobile which I will express here as 027 48 TANGO.

I will be running a wait list should either leaders or followers be over-represented. Sorry but I will limit numbers to just 24. Frequent rotation of partners will be required during the workshops.

I hope we can raise the enjoyment of tango in Auckland.