LAST Online Tango Lesson with Dante & Indira during COVID-19

June 4, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 8:45 pm Pacific/Auckland Timezone
Online via ZOOM liink


“Online Tango Lesson during COVID-19 across the continent

to share, to help and to keep each other sane

whilst keeping Tango live in your Soul ♥”


WHO are they? Dante Sanchez, a former World Champion……


At the end of each lesson, Dante & Indira will recap and video the lesson taught on the night to give to the participants. The lesson is structured as follows (questions are encouraged during the lesson):-

  • 10-15 mins recap of previous week and questions & answers
  • Men and Women techniques
  • Working in couples (with you partner or a ‘stick’)


After the lesson:

  • A video will be sent to you for your solo practice or with your “partner”.
  • Send your questions to Kelly (email above) which Dante & Indira will answer/demonstrate in the following week.
  • send the topics you’d like to learn to Kelly (email above) which they will incorporate into the next lesson.


How to participate?

  • Send Kelly an email, she will then send you all the information you need to participate.


What do I need for the class?

  • There is no installation of software or app required, all you need is a laptop/computer (some even use their phone), a small space with smooth floor, with or without shoes (heels or no heels).
  • a ‘stick’ of any kind. e.g, a broomstick, ski pole etc.


What else?

  • You need to practice!!


How much?

  • It’s on donation basis and the amount is entirely up to you whatever you can afford. 


What if I can’t participate on Thursday, can I still make donation for a copy of the video?

  • Yes, you can. Just send Kelly an email.



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