Online Lesson with Dante & Indira – THURSDAY Night in THREE Time Zones


# Thursday in the following Time Zones

7.30pm New Zealand time

6.30pm New Caledonia time

3.30pm in Singapore time #


To continue supporting the Tango dancers’ development, to stay in touch with you, to help each other and to keep you and Dante & Indira sane during the COVID-19!


The cost of each lesson is on donation basis i.e., there is no price tag and the amount is entirely up to you.


If you are interested in participate in the lesson, please contact Kelly ( or private message her on facebook messenger she will then send you a ZOOM video link together with the donation details.


There is no installation of software or app required, all you need is a laptop/computer (some even use their phone), a small space with smooth floor, with or without shoes (heels or no heels).





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