Tango Rendezvous / Joaquin Amenabar Musicality Workshops

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. The 2019 Tango Rendezvous Festivalito and Joaquin Amenabar’s musicality workshops for tango dancers are to be held in Auckland from 12 to 15 September. There will be two milongas and a practilonga, including “Masquerade Tango – … Read More

Tango Etiquette on the Dance Floor

Published on the La Tango Academy website at https://www.latangoacademy.com/blog/2015/8/18/tango-etiquette-on-the-dance-floor  LOS CÓDIGOS EN LA MILONGA Tango has its own etiquette and it’s not always perfectly intuitive. By understanding the following unspoken rules of the road, the Milonga experience can be enjoyable for … Read More

Los Códigos del Tango (the tango rules of etiquette)

In a milonga, it’s rude to get up and ask someone to dance, “thank you” does not mean “thank you,” and unusually prolonged eye-contact is entirely legitimate. I left the first milonga I attended after—maybe, at my most conservative guess—an … Read More