Interview with Albano Goldenberg

Albano’s insights begin at about 30 seconds into the video clip.

The Music – Insights into the styles of Tango music

A beginner’s guide to tango – published by Very Tango Store

The following are tango questions and answers, tips and advice.

I have two left feet so I shouldn’t even try tango, right?
Do I need to have a partner to dance?
How long does it take to learn tango?
What do I need to do to start learning tango?
As I lead what is the minimum number of steps I need to know?
How do I choose women’s tango shoes?
What is the etiquette at a milonga?
What’s all this ‘connection’ stuff in tango?
Should the lead press his head against the woman in close embrace?
How does a leader get into the close embrace?
I’m learning to lead but can’t seem to remember my steps, what can I do?
Should I take private lessons?
I’m a follower – how do I get more dances?
I’m a lead and have been declined – how long does the ‘No’ last?
I’m a follower – is it ok to decline someone I don’t want to dance with?
What is the cabeceo?
Why would you dance in the ronda?
In what position should the man hold his left hand?
In what position should the woman hold her left arm?
What defines the leader’s and follower’s roles in tango?
What are embellishments?

Video clips of some key basics for tango:

It should be noted that there is no single syllabus for tango dance, most social tango is completely improvised by the partners, and tango basics tend to be best learnt from experienced tango teachers, supplemented by watching tango dancers in person, listening to a lot of tango music and by participating in tango practicas. That being said, videos can also provide a very useful reminder of the basics and can show the subtleties of more advanced tango possibilities.

The following nine videos (of 47) by New York-based tango teachers Diego Blanco and Ana Padron, demonstrate many of the basics that every tango dancer should be able to execute.

Tango Classes, Private Lessons and Practicas in Auckland

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