This page profiles Auckland-based tango teachers and teachers offering private Argentine Tango lessons in Auckland. Prior to listings being accepted for publication, there is no vetting at all by the administrators and editors of this website as to the expertise, experience or quality of the teachers. The styles taught can vary widely from traditional improvised “salon” and “milonguero” social tango through to “nuevo” and choreographed show performance tango.

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Information is provided by teachers in their individual teacher profile sections. Further information can be obtained by making direct contact with teachers, and also by attending tango practicas to seek insights from dancers, who include current and former students.

Cecilia Trini

I am an Argentinian dancer and have been teaching Tango since 2002. I am passionate about Tango in all its forms, and have great enthusiasm for teaching. As a teacher, I build around the basics of traditional Argentine Tango, as … Read More

Sheldon Benito

I teach tango at the Argentine Tango Student Association at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and am also available for private tango lessons. “Let’s make tango great again!” Sheldon

Kelly Poon

I am from Malaysia and spent most of my adult life in England until 2013 when I moved to Auckland. I started my Tango journey at a respected Argentine Tango School in London in 2009 and have been studying with … Read More

Cecile and Nigel

Cecile and Nigel hold Beginners and Intermediate tango classes on Tuesday nights at the Takapuna War Memorial Hall on the North Shore. Contact Cecile Bale – 021 482 339

Peter Jackson

I started learning tango about 15 years ago and I am still learning. I love both the dance and the music. My favourite tango move is just walking. My favourite couple are Adrian and Amanda Costa – their elegance and … Read More

Denise McCombe

My dance experience includes ballet, tap, jazz, Dupree, ballroom, Latin American, New Vogue and latterly Argentine Tango, for which my love affair started following a visit to Buenos Aires in 2002. I’ve been enjoying tango ever since, both locally and … Read More

Rani Mahelona

I’m a Hawai’i born Maori/Hawaiian girl whose love for dance started at a young age with the Hula! My dance experience began with performing at Polynesian Festivals as a teenager and continued all through University as a performer at the … Read More

Slobodan Ekmescic a.k.a. “Boban”

After a break, I am teaching Argentine tango again! My name is Boban and I have crafted the tango style through decades of learning from the best teachers in Buenos Aires. I am passionate about bringing this Argentine spirit to … Read More

Michael Parmenter

Michael Parmenter has over 30 years’ experience in the teaching of dance, with a focus on partner forms. Through his experience of contemporary dance, Capoeira, contact improvisation, Min Tanaka’s pushing-discussion and tango he has developed the contemporary partner-improvisation form Piloting/TACTICS … Read More

Toca Tango – Martyn Atack

Martyn and Vikki’s passion for tango has led them to create their own studio space on the North Shore, as well as travel to Buenos Aires on numerous occasions to gain new insights to their dancing and teaching. A natural … Read More

Matthew Civil

Matthew Civil has been dancing tango since 1998 and had a passion for continued learning and teaching the understanding of tango. His goal is to foster tango dancing throughout New Zealand and to that end he has been touring New … Read More

Grant Fromont

For me, tango is about expressing my life the way I want to live it. It is about sharing that expression with someone else. It is about caring and about giving, when I can. I learned the complexity and discipline, … Read More

Gisela Gordó

I was fortunate enough to be born in the city of Tango; Buenos Aires, Argentina. I discovered Tango in 2008 and was immediately hooked with a passion. I learnt from the most renowned Tango dancers in Argentina. In 2010 I … Read More

Angelika Schuster

Hi, my name is Angelika and am based in Devonport, I offer private lessons for leaders, followers, couples, and small groups. I also teach introduction classes on the North Shore. My Tango adventure as a follower started about 15 years … Read More