Angelika Schuster

Hi, my name is Angelika and am based in Devonport, I offer private lessons for leaders, followers, couples, and small groups. I also teach introduction classes on the North Shore.

My Tango adventure as a follower started about 15 years ago and as a leader about 13 years ago. And it is ongoing.

I danced in Argentina, in Europe and Australasia.

My teaching skills are based on teaching Tai Chi for a number of years in 2008.

My experience as a Tango dancer and teacher has been that there are always aspects of Tango that can be refined and new steps to be leaned. It requires awareness, presence and a willingness to learn. In short, it can be a life-long adventure – if you want it to be – without getting ‘bored’.

It is needless to say, that I am a passionate Tango dancer and teacher. My hope is that I would be able to ignite your passion for the Argentine Tango either in my private lessons or classes.

My philosophy is that if you get the BASICS/FOUNDATION right, learning the Argentine Tango becomes an enjoyable journey (rather than a frustration), and the reward is great.

Feel free to contact me for further obligation free information about my lessons and classes.
M: 0211296372 or

Angelika's Tango practice area


If you can walk you can dance Tango.