BANDONEÓN, el Alma del Tango – Documental 2023

A documentary (with English sub-text) about the bandoneon and how it became and continues to be central to tango music, tango orquestas and tango dancing.

Título: Bandoneón, el Alma del Tango
Producción: The Argentine Tango Society
Dirección: Daniel Tonelli – Marcelo Turrisi
Coordinadora de Producción: Silvina Damiani
Año: 2023

At 32 min 30 seconds into the video Gabriel Soria, Presidente de la Academia Nacional del Tango comments about Anibal Troilo saying:

“Jamas se olvidaba de los bailarines.
Algo importante de Pichuco,
When he had a large number of new songs in his repertoire, on rehearsal days, he would summon a couple of dancers to play those songs and have the couple dance to them, to find out if what he was playing could be danced to on the floor.
He had great respect, above all, for the couples who came to dance.”

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