The content below covers Auckland tango events from about 2006 till 2013. It has been migrated from the Tango Club Auckland website, which was the forerunner of the Auckland Tango website.

The TangoClub Team

The original TangoClub team got together at the end of 2007 and decided to channel their passion for tango into something new and exciting, with a milonga with fresh music as a first step.

We have made a difference to the tango scene in Auckland, not just through our events (which have included milongas, practicas and free beginners classes), but also by providing a portal for tango related websites and information. We continue with the following goals:

  • encouraging the enjoyment of a range of tango music, including traditional, new and alternative tango
  • embracing all styles of tango dancing
  • making tango accessible and appealing to people in all walks of life
  • encouraging tango as sustainable hobby
  • maintaining cohesiveness within Auckland tango scene
  • supporting existing grassroots / not-for-profit tango events

If you see us around, come up and say ‘hi!’

Current Members

Stephan & Era

Last dinner Fri 25 Jan: La Parolaccia

Stephan and Era have meandered into Argentine tango late in 2006 after experimenting with other forms of dancing. They maintain that tango is the most challenging, but therefore the most rewarding dance that they’ve ever undertaken.

Although they started with milonguero style of tango, after travelling to Buenos Aires and realising the amazing variety of styles that exists, the two of them came back somewhat confused as to which style they’d like to pursue, but ultimately certain, that whatever style they settle on, they’d like to make it their own.

They are both fascinated by the new and alternative music that can be used for tango—a fascination that led Stephan to create the music mixes for TangoBar.

TangoClub is a creative outlet for them to share the music and the dance that they love with other people. Like all the creators of the club, they welcome suggestions and feedback for TangoClub events or any other questions for that matter 🙂


Although I had done some other forms of partner dancing in the past, nothing prepared me for my first taste of Argentine tango in a stage performance. I was amazed by the lightning feet, swung in close proximity to each partner as they turned. The dancers seemed to share the same space on the floor, passing through and around each other. It was magical.

In the social setting of a milonga, of course, no one did these sorts of kicking moves. People were careful of others on the dance floor, and danced for themselves and their partners rather than for the benefit of spectators. Was this simpler dancing boring? Not at all. I loved the sexy skinny heels the ladies wore, and the subtle grace with which they glided around the room. I knew I was hooked when I found myself unable to sleep at night, replaying the music in my head and visualising how I had danced to it, how I might dance it again.

It has been inspiring getting to know the other members of the TangoClub team. Their fascination and enthusiasm for tango match mine, and our club gave me an excuse to finally go and experiment with building a website. I hope that we can bring lots more people into the tango scene in Auckland.

Manuel & Nina

I (Manuel) first discovered Tango music, the bandoneon and its flow of emotions. That was my first contact with Tango …and my first big mistake too. Then came a point where listening wasn’t enough anymore, I needed something more. That’s when I had my first Tango lesson… There was the second mistake, for I never danced anything before Tango; and now I don’t want anymore… Tango eclipsed all the others. Before I knew it I just wanted that feeling again, these few minutes you spend with a perfect stranger, dancing these emotions the best you can, and leave you wanting more.

Not only I became a Tango-addict (just like everyone else in TangoClub), but it being contagious, soon Nina joined us into our passion… Who said obsession?

Larissa & Dimitri

Dancing wasn’t something that was part of our lives until we discovered the sounds of Argentine tango. Back in 2009 we overheard the melody of Troilo’s “Sur” performed live here in Auckland. That sparked something in our hearts and inspired us to learn more about the dancing (or, as some say, we “got bitten by the tango bug”).

Like any learning process, ours has been (and still is) a bumpy road but with plenty of joy and fun along the way. Listening to beautiful music, meeting wonderful people and sharing your tanguidad with the fellow dancers around the world are all part of this pretty amazing experience.

And dear ladies, let me (Larissa) assure you that dancing life IS possible for those of us not quite so genetically blessed. So why not grab your shoes and give it a try?


I discovered tango while travelling in Argentina in 2006. When I first went to a class I didn’t get it, I found the music challenging and I didn’t understand the dynamic of the dance.

But I kept going to classes because I could see there was more to it than just awkward backward steps and men stepping on my toes. And I did find this �more to it�. I went to my first milonga in BsAs and fell for the atmosphere filled with passion and devotion for Tango, the live music, the dynamic of the crowd moving and pausing with grace on the dance floor. That evening I had shaky knees all night but I knew I was hooked.

The very special thing about Tango is that you can dance it pretty much everywhere in the world and there is always more to learn about the dance, the music, the tangueros. Joining TangoClub gives me the opportunity to introduce this great dance to others.

Inactive Members

These wonderful friends are either on holiday or have moved on, but they have contributed hugely to TangoClub and their legacy lives on. Happy travels guys—we can’t wait till you get back!


I started dancing tango while studying in Canada. Amazed by the complexity and beauty of the dance and its music I was lucky to find Leeliana on the one hand, from whom I started learning, and Matt on the other, with whom I started dancing. TangoByLeeliana gave me the opportunity of develop a tango based on moving from the centre and stay connected in the dance that helped me to understand that (quoting Leeliana) “Tango is like a long, warm embrace. When you are dancing you feel as if you’ve melted into one another and are moving as one. There is no harshness, or jerky movements.”

New in Auckland, I discovered TangoClub and the enthusiasm and energy of their founders made me join this amazing project!


I danced ballet when I was a kid—passionately, and with the grace and precision of a newborn donkey. After a long (looong) hiatus from dancing, I decided to try tango as a way to get fit. I didn’t know that it would amplify my love of movement so strongly—or that I could enjoy dancing without the perfectionism that thwarts so many baby ballerinas. Now tango is my teacher and my doctor, my sad night in and my wild night out, my duende and my friend. I dance with my dear partner Nic and with assorted lovely others whenever I can.



I danced in Hobart, Tasmania after being introduced to Argentine tango by my good friend Sonny. After about 6 months Sonny and I set up a cosy tango lounge with velvet curtains, candles, dimmed lights, champagne, hot chocolates and a grand piano before I set off for Auckland.
Lack of a tango club in Auckland lead me to encourage formation of TangoClub and theTangoBar milonga in Ponsonby. Its an intimate and exciting space for Stephan’s music experiment, drinking red wine and, of course, dancing tango!

Is tango an addiction? No? What are you talking about?

Can I go to BA now?


A few years ago I would never have imagined myself dancing a few times a week; then again a few years ago I hadn’t been infected by the Argentine Tango bug. In a mining town in the middle of an Indonesian jungle (long story and we don’t have the space for it here!), I had my first few tango lessons. Unfortunately, that was short-lived as our teacher went back to Canada.

A couple of years later, back in NZ I decided to go to some tango classes again. The bug had obviously been incubating inside me. At the end of every class all I could look forward to was the start of the next! Weeks… months… and now a year later I’m still at it. Enjoying every tango evening, every dance, every moment.

It’s a great way to meet people of all ages from all walks of life. We often have people from around the world drop into our milongas and I’m looking forward to dropping into theirs!

At the very least, try it, but be prepared to get addicted.


This talented and unassuming young lady never got around to writing a paragraph for our website, but we know she loves tango because she’s moved to Buenos Aires, found herself an Argentinian tango dancing boyfriend, and begun blogging for TangoTix.


For me, tango is about expressing my life the way I want to live it. It is about sharing that expression with someone else. It is about caring and about giving, when I can. I learned the complexity and discipline, but that was only the start. I learned about the music, but that too, was only a start. Now I learn about myself and about my partner, and beauty. At it’s best, tango has an authenticity of the soul, you can not fake it.

I have made many great friends in tango, and love being part of TangoClub.