Michael Parmenter

Michael Parmenter Michael Parmenter has over 30 years’ experience in the teaching of dance, with a focus on partner forms. Through his experience of contemporary dance, Capoeira, contact improvisation, Min Tanaka’s pushing-discussion and tango he has developed the contemporary partner-improvisation form Piloting/TACTICS and is currently writing a manual for this practice.

Michael’s approach to tango has been heavily influenced by the encounter between current somatic practice – particularly Alexander technique and the work of Hubert Godard – and tango nuevo. He acknowledges particularly the teachers Gustavo Naveira and Joachim Dietiker & Michelle Marsidi who have greatly influenced his understanding of tango.

As both a leader and follower in tango, Michael’s approach to tango seeks to nourish the freedom and independence of both roles. He is interested in tango as conversation and exchange and finds the expanded vocabulary of tango nuevo both challenging and liberating. Michael is passionate about the practice of social dance. He also teaches Balfolk and is currently an enthusiastic student of blues and swing.

Michael Parmenter
Tango Insolente & Balfolk Auckland
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