tango etiquette

Floor etiquette reminder ahead of NZ Tango Festival

Followers are responsible too!

  • If the leader is navigating poorly (weaving in and out of lanes, big moves in a crowded floor etc) on the dance floor, you can (edit* SHOULD) tell him that you would like to stay within the lane and prevent crashing with couples.
  • If the leader joins the floor without acknowledging the incoming leader, don’t get into the embrace. Pull the leader back and tell the him to make sure acknowledgement is made before joining the floor.
  • Some teachers may disagree but if the leader tries to lead boleos and ganchos in a crowded floor… well let’s just say the leg does not have to go up in the air.
  • If a leader walks up and asks for a dance, always remember that you have every right to say no, and no reasons required. Don’t be pressured into saying yes because you are afraid to embarass him.

Remember, this is your Milonga as well.

Facebook post by Chen Wei Li‎ Tango Singapore

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