Hi Auckland milongueros

Would you be interested in participating in a free outdoor "Tango Musicality Workshop" being considered for the near future?

If there is support for this from our Auckland Tango Community, some of our tango dance teachers may like to adopt a similar approach to offer outdoor leader and follower tango dance technique workshops!

COVID restriction constraints

The COVID Level 3 Step 2 rules currently published for outdoor Gatherings and Events strongly encourage, but do not require physical distancing.  The words are:
* outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people can go ahead, with the removal of the 2-household restriction. Physical distancing is strongly encouraged to help prevent the virus spreading between households.
* outdoor organised exercise classes, like yoga and bootcamps, can expand to 25 people, including instructors. Physical distancing of 2 metres is strongly encouraged.

Auckland is now at Level 3 Step 2


These rules could of course change any time.

Proposed Tango Musicality Workshop

Stu workshopOn the assumption that these rules will be in force, I would be happy to organise and host a free pop-up outdoor tango musicality workshop for up to 25 members of the Auckland Tango Community (including picnickers from participants’ bubbles) some time over the coming week or two.

If you would like to participate or provide feedback, please respond by completing the form below.

Possibilities for the gathering:

Location - An Auckland band rotunda, or outdoor paved area in a park (such as the covered stage at Mt Eden's Tahaki Reserve, or the paved area of St Patricks Square in Swanson St)

Theme - "Compas, phrases and rhythms of tango"

Format - Individual listening, humming, singing, clapping and walking to live and recorded well-known tangos, while keeping 2 metres from other participants

Masks, Sanitizer, etc - Strongly encouraged

Duration - 60 to 90 minutes

Allocations - Invitations (along with confirmation of location, start time, etc) to be emailed to up to 25 of those who respond expressing interest

8 November, 2021