Buenos Aires Dancer and Teacher, A.B – Auckland from 27th February

Buenos Aires beauty, elegant dancer and great teacher, A.B will be arriving to Auckland from 27th February until 17th March!

She will be giving Sheldon & Kelly’s Monday Classes (both Beginners & Improvers) on 2nd, 9th and 16th March at Pasion Por Tango as well as available for private lessons from 27th February until 17th March! Please contact Kelly (kelly.poon@hotmail.co.uk)! Another great opportunity for dancers at all levels!!

She is very excited to be in Auckland and can’t wait to meet you all at ¡Milonga Otra Vez! on 28th February!


~ About A.B. – Tango Argentino teacher and dancer since 1998 ~

A.B. teaches in Buenos Aires and all over the world. She started dancing tango over 20 years ago when she was just a little girl, studying with the most famous milongueros. Over time she acquired experience in this and other artistic disciplines, until she discovered her passion for teaching.

In 2007 she was part of Forever Tango´s cast in the filming of the documentary of the successful company that took place at the Teatro Coliseo Podestá in La Plata. At the same time, she began teaching classes for an extended period at the legendary Salón Canning, place that houses today’s stunning work by the photographer Guillermo Monteleone where she is the muse. This work of art is an extract of one of the most innovative tango videos of recent times, called “T”. Her first job abroad was as a dancer and choreographer in the city of Fukuoka, Japan, and since then she has participated in Tango festivals giving special workshops and classes in Europe, Australia and Asia.

In Buenos Aires, she teaches regularly and has her own Tango school where the main attraction, apart from the good atmosphere and the quality of the musical selection, is the creation of tango author cocktails. Her classes have the perfect dose of organic innovation, aesthetics, and a deep-rooted commitment to the tango tradition, which gives her own style so easy to recognize for the amateur eye as for the expert.

A.B. is internationally recognised for the quality of her movements, her unique musical performance and her generous personality. She is currently working on her own as well as other dancers with the aspiration of expanding the content of an unlimited dance in a variety of ways. Developing presentations, workshops for couples and for dancers who want to consciously learn the functionality of the bodies to enjoy this social dance regardless of the style they dance.



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