Tango Rendezvous

Tango Rendezvous / Joaquin Amenabar Musicality Workshops


The 2019 Tango Rendezvous Festivalito and Joaquin Amenabar’s musicality workshops for tango dancers are to be held in Auckland from 12 to 15 September.

There will be two milongas and a practilonga, including “Masquerade Tango – a night of disguise” on Saturday evening featuring tandas by live Orquesta “Milonga de Cuatro”.

The programme, venues, pricing, and registration systems are now in place and the details of free tango dance workshops, teachers and DJs will be available soon.

Check everything out at Tango Rendezvous 2019 and “Master of Musicality for Tango Dancers” workshops.

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