Buenos Aires tango Map

Buenos Aires Tango Map

Buenos Aires tango MapA new Buenos Aires Tango Map has been published on the Auckland website displaying markers for the locations of many of the popular tango dance schools, milongas, practicas and tango shoe and clothing shops in the principal tango areas of Buenos Aires.

It has been published to provide information for tango dancers who may be planning a visit to Buenos Aires and who may find it useful to have a map like this to assist in deciding on accommodation locations.

The information in the map takes into account that some milongas have been closing lately and some tango shops and tango schools have moved to different addresses than are published in tango magazines and websites. It is believed to be accurate as at January 2018.

As and when updates are received, it is intended that the map will be updated. Correspondence welcome!

Check out the interactive map.

2 Responses

  1. Shane B Wood

    Its great to have this map. However its really hard to view and print within the window. Is there an other way of accessing it for example as a google map.

  2. WebsiteManagement

    Thanks for commenting Shane, and pleased you’re positive about the map. There presumably is a way to set this up as a printable Google Map, but we would need to find a volunteer to attend to this then keep it up to date. The map that is there is the result of one person sharing some planning for a recent trip to BsAs with the thought that it might be useful for others in sorting out where to find accommodation in close proximity to milongas, classes and shops of particular interest.