Maida Zanaboni Doleman

Maida will be the DJ for the 2019 Friday Welcome Milonga and will be running one of the 2019 workshops.

Maida is from New York City via Milano Italy, whose parents were Armenian. She started her tango journey in 1994 in NYC and was fortunate to have studied with Carlos Gavito, Jorge Torres, and many more.

She ran her NZ Zanaboni Milonga, with her husband David, for 14 years. Her tango background in NZ includes organising workshops for international teachers, teaching milonguero style tango, group & private classes, being invited to DJ at various events.

Before retiring her Zanaboni design business, she dressed performers and dancers here in NZ, USA, Europe, & UAE. She has taught NZ dancers, tango, NYC style salsa, Mambo on 2, and has been a judge at salsa competitions here in Auckland.

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