COVID-19 8 June

Post COVID-19 Auckland Tango

On the Auckland Tango events calendar a few live events have been published for the last week in May and into June. So far they are for classes covering technique, musicality and other elements of tango that can be learnt and practiced individually while respecting all social distancing and other requirements under the current Level 2 COVID-19 restrictions.

By 27 May, active cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand had reduced to 21 from a peak of 929 on April 6 and a May high of 208 (on May 1). If this trend continues, New Zealand active cases could be down to single figures by the end of this month, and a return to Auckland milongas and practicas should not be too far away.

Vodka Room post-COVID LockDown Milonga


8 June and there are now zero active cases in New Zealand!
Several milongas and practicas are now happening!!