Rilind Modigliani

March 2018 – Tango Classes and Privates

Well, Rilind first discovered his love for Argentine Tango at Pasion Por Tango (Marion’s studio) in Auckland. In 2011 he moved to Buenos Aires to dedicate his time professionally to tango, taking classes with various maestros including Mariano Chico Frumboli, Sebastian Achaval, Gaston Torelli and Moira Castellano and many others. Over the years he’s danced and performed at many Milongas in Buenos Aires.

Like any good Tango teacher, Rilind focuses on the technical elements of Argentine Tango but also knows how to have fun and to express himself through the music. He has an ability to adapt to any dancer he dances with and he’s keen to share his experience with you over the next 2 – 3 weeks whilst he’s in Auckland.

Rilind is arriving in Auckland this week and he will be giving his first class at AUT on Friday  9th March 2018!!

Several organisers will be arranging group classes with Rilind over the next few weeks so keep checking the website for information!

Rilind will also be available for private lessons, so please contact Kelly on 021 679 762 or directly with him on if you fancy booking some.

Check out these Youtube clips: