Sebastian Arrua 2016

Sebastian Arrua Workshops

sebastian-arrua-workshops-2016Workshops $35 each, or $120 for all.

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October

Saturday 22nd

1.30pm to 3pm Ws 1: Improvising together: learn how to create a great connection to improve you skills.
3.30pm to 5pm Ws 2: Movements on/off axis: how it works inside the couple. We’ll use concepts from previous class.

Sunday 23rd

1pm to 2.30pm Ws 3: Circular movements and giros: basic giros and enrosques, pivots and sacadas technique.
3pm to 4.30pm Ws 4: Giros, enrosques and boleos: apply previous technique to combine movements and sequences.

Please note that Sunday starts earlier!!!