Sheldon and Kelly

Sheldon and Kelly have been teaching together for two years as well as organising various popular events such as the Art Gallery Milonga, Milonga Otra Vez and Wynyard Quarter Waterfront Milonga. They are also DJs and perform at various events such as the Auckland Latin Fiesta. Kelly also organises for great teachers from Buenos Aires to teach in NZ and OZ.

Sheldon & Kelly’s primary motivation is growing the Tango community in Auckland and having fun during the process, hence they became the founders and resident teachers of the Argentine Tango Student Association at The Auckland University of Technology.

Like many local teachers or dancers, they have been to Buenos Aires to continue to learn and are constantly developing their skills. To them, Tango is far more than just a series of sequences and steps, it’s a feeling, without the feeling Tango isn’t complete; and they look forward to sharing this with you at the Tango Rendezvous.

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