Mixed contemporary vals tanda – November 26, 2020

Tango Mahi “Tanda of the Week” is a mixed-orchestra contemporary-music vals tanda:

2015   “Gramophone” by the Russian State Symphonic Orchestra of Cinematography
2002   “Solino Waltz” by Jannos Eolou
2003   “Analia” by Cuarteto Almagro

The three valses in this tanda have been well received when played in tandas with other contemporary-music valses at Tango Mahi Practicas over the last twelve months.

The first is “Gramophone”, composed by Russian Eugen Doga in 1992 for the crime film titled “Without Evidence”, and recorded in 2015 by the Russian State Symphonic Orchestra of Cinematography with Eugen Doga on piano.

The second “Solino Waltz” was composed and performed in 2002 by Greek composer / musician Jannos Eolou, as music for the film “Solino”.

The third “Analia”, composed by the vocalist / bass player of progressive Argentinian tango quartet Cuarteto Almagro, was recorded by the quartet in 2003. Incidentally the song is named after vocalist / pianist Analia Goldberg whose orquesta we had the pleasure of hearing live in Buenos Aires in 2019.

The video clip of Relja Dereta & Natasa Pavlovic dancing to Gramophone at the Belgrade Tango Weekend, is one of very few YouTube clips I could find of dancing to contemporary non-tango valses: