Deck Popup Practica Sunday 22nd May

Nothing can stop us dancing tango!

We will be there no matter what the weather does…

Hey dancers, we would like to invite you to a spontaneous Deck Practica this Sunday. Bring your raincoats, gumboot and blankets, proper tango addicts won’t let a little rain stop them dancing. And the roof should keep us reasonable dry anyway.

In case you are unsure, check Facebook on Sunday or give us a text. We will post updates.


The viewing deck located behind The ANZ Events Centre, Wynyard Quarter, is an outdoor but secluded space with excellent view of the harbour. A wonderful environment for Practica from sunset into the night.


ANZ Events Centre is the building across the Wynyard Quarter Waterfront Milonga venue.

You will see a ramp up to the viewing deck on the right hand side of the ANZ Events Centre entrance, near the Wynyard Crossing (the open footbridge). Once you are on top of the deck, just simply follow the Tango music and you will find us.
On the left hand side of the building, there’s also a stairs towards the deck.


The deck is reasonably smooth with small gaps between panels and it has been tested by the organisers in heels, dance sneakers and normal flat shoes. They don’t appear to have any trouble with the gaps. However, we would suggest ladies to bring both heels and flat shoes/dance sneakers.

Things to bring:

Please bring your own drinks, food, blankets and feel free to bring your own chair, since there’s won’t be any benches around. There are coffee shop, ice cream shops, and many restaurants nearby, though they might not be opened at 10pm.


There’s a public toilet available close to the venue, behind the Wynyard Quarter information centre.

Drinking water fountain:

There’s one located nearby, behind the Wynyard Quarter information centre.


There’s Jellicoe Street car park, about 7 mins away from venue; at the intersection of Jellicoe & Beaumont Streets. The last time we checked the parking fees were as follows:

Mon-Sun 7.00am- 10.00pm
1 hr: Free
2 hr: $2.00
3 hr: $4.00
4 hr: $6.00

There’s also some free on-street parking around, just make sure you read the parking signs on that area.




mobile: +64(0)210 468 785



mobile: +64(0)273 266 288


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